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Customer Reviews


Our customer purchase our products because they know the benefits of advertising and creating goodwill with their customers. Due to the unique nature of our company there additional reasons.

The most obvious is our handicapped work program. Even the most well-meaning small business owner would find it impossible to hire a handicapped person. They could almost never employ the large number of disabled individuals the Printshop does. By Purchasing products from T.D.A.H. they are doing their part to employ a segment of the population with a 75% unemployment rate.

The fact that our advertising specialty products are made by the handicapped is not an excuse for poor workmanship. As a matter of fact it is the reason we strive for the highest possible quality. This is why our customer come back to purchase again and again. All of our products are satisfaction guaranteed.


We have purchased products from your company for several years, and I would like to say how much I enjoy doing business with Suzanne. She has such a pleasant personality, and she is very helpful in explaining how the products that you manufacture can help our business. It is a real pleasure dealing with such a caring person, as she has the best interests of the handicapped people she represents in mind. Suzanne is a real asset to you company.

Carlton Roberts
C.S. Roberts & Son LLC



To the Management of HSW,

I have been a buyer of your products for several years. I have had two different sales people over the years, the latest is Suzanne. I have to first say that she is a real asset to your business. She always has a pleasant personality, is totally efficient, and makes ordering fun. I enjoy my conversations with her and she always mentions new products that might be helpful to me in my business. On several occasions, I ended up ordering more then I planned, but I have always been very pleased with what she has recommended. I cannot say enough good about her and that leads to my request. I would love to see her pictured on your website so that I could have a face to go with the voice. I realize that you want to emphasize the handicapped people that work for you and that is wonderful, but could you also show us the rest of the “family”. Every person that works for you is part of the business and should be recognized whether handicapped or not. So if it is possible, I would like to see pictures of the receptionist, sales people, and anyone else that we might come in contact with as we order online or on the phone.

Thank you for the products that you provide, for making jobs available to the handicapped, and for wonderful people like Suzanne that make ordering a joy and pleasure.

Jim Anderson

E-Z Rider Limo Service, Inc.


Hello Sales Supervisor,

I would like to thank you for hiring Peggy @ ext 223. I have been in the customer service industry for a number of years now. I would like to formally thank Peggy for being an inspiration for me. She has been the most patient, knowledgeable, polite and not to mention driven to be helpful to her clients. She is a delight and a pleasure to hear from. She has helped me to be a better salesman and inspired us here at Skyelight Auto Body to offer "Peggy" type service to our clients as well.
Again this letter is to thank her and her sales team to keep up the Great service and inspiring all in the service industry to be more like her. Good luck in the new year and hopefully hear from her again soon.

Best regards,
Andre, Office Mgr @ Skyelight Auto Body



AAAA Limousine

Greetings TDAH,

I was contacted by Toni in 2006. She introduced me to TDAH. We have had a great relationship ever since.
We started out slow by purchasing garbage bags. Then we graduated into the beverage coolers. This year we made another jump up to company logo hats. Boy, was that a great idea. I need to emphasize, suggested by Toni.

Toni sugessted having their design people come up with some ideas. Without exagerating, all five of the designs were great. It was not an easy decision. Needless to say, EVERYONE says the hats are FANTASTIC. We played it safe by placing a small quantity order for the first round. I assure you that a second, larger order
is on its way. Thank you for providing our company with another venue to help us stand out among the crowd.

Mark T Serafin
AAAA Limousine



The Dailey Farms plastic raspberry and blueberry business cards are really fantastic. The artwork and the colors are just terrific. Please tell all of your clients that Michigan loves them! God bless all of you and have a great summer.

Kathy Dailey, Dailey Blueberry Farms


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the individuals in your Printshop for fulfilling our needs of promotional advertising, by printing magnets, pens, business card etc., as well as additional products used within our office. Special thanks for the "catchy" business cards and pens. They have been and unique asset to our business.
Barren Trucking has been utilizing your services now for about 12 years and have always received quality products and service. In addition I'd like to thank you for giving individuals with special needs the opportunity to be a productive part of their community, by employing them and giving them this opportunity.

Thank You,
Joann Gaskins, VP, Barrett Trucking, Inc.


Last fall we placed an order with Donna for magnetic calendars with our telephone number for our produce business. During this spring and summer when a customer would ask for our telephone number so they could call in an order ahead of time, we would just give them one of your calendars.
They were the biggest hit I have ever seen. Our customer's eyes would light up like we just gave them a thousand dollar bill. Everyone just loved them!!! Thank You For helping us make our customer's day a little bit brighter. (Ours too)



We'd like to thank all of you at TDAH for your excellent service. We ordered pens from you 2-3 years ago and received quality pens with our business information on them.
We went through some slow times with our business and were unable to spend money on more advertising. TDAH called occasionally to see if we would like to purchase anything. They were NEVER pushy and ALWAYS polite. We have now ordered another 8 dozen pens and look forward to receiving them in 7 to 10 days. Other companies we've talked with say our orders would take 6 to 8 weeks.
To sum it all up, we get quality products at very fair prices in a very short time. It makes good sense to spend our advertising dollars with The Disabled and Handicapped.

Thank You TDAH. We appreciate you.
Suzie Casper, Office Manager, Buffalo Machine & Engineering


For years we have bought small gift items such as key rings and pens from TDAH. Niki calls me regularly to see if we need anything. In every case, they have delivered what we ordered accurately and on time. I believe they provide a valuable service to their clients and I have always been satisfied.

Rick Matthews, President
H & L Tom's Distributors, Inc.
5900 D Thurston Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23455


I just wanted to write this letter to you to let you know how much we enjoy talking to Kay Baez and purchasing your fine products assembled by those fantastic workers of your.
We have ordered quite a few times from your organization and have never been disappointed. On the contrary, we look forward to the deliveries from TDAH and will continue to order from you for quite some time.
Kay seems to have a sixth sense when to call. She always catches me when I have to start thinking about restocking our inventory. Especially those garbage bags. I don't mean to sound goofy, but I love them.
Again, thank you and your fine crews who do such good work. Let them know that they do make a difference and it's a good one.

Vivian Zeffery, Corp Sec/Treasurer of Zeffery's Ltd.


Please share this with the group. I hope I have the right address. I just had to tell you...
On Easter Sunday our pastor shaved this story. A teacher asked the Sunday School Class, "What did Jesus say when he walked out of the tomb?" One little girl stood up & shouted "TDAH!" Pastor went on to say how it showed joy and made the point. He has overcome the world and the grave. Perhaps you've seen any number of people stand poised in triumph with arms outstretched shouting "TDAH." I thought of your Printshop and how you have over come the disabilities the world has handed you. And I had to share it. Thank you for your diligent, productive labors. And when you're down just remember Jesus... and "TDAH!!"

Carla L. Fry RN


SunShades Glass Tinting

Dear Peggy, and all the folks who worked on my order:

You did a great job! Please tell everyone who worked on my shirts that they arrived ahead of schedule, and when I opened the box-

WOW! My wife took one look at them and said “WOW” too! They are beautifully printed, and I love going out to work in them. My customers (and potential customers) will surely notice them and how professional they make me look. Peggy was SO patient with me, calling and emailing me countless times to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. Thanks again for the great service!

Stewart McCallum, Owner

SunShades Glass Tinting

Alpharetta, GA


TenderBear DayCare

Here are some pictures of our Hop-a-thon we did for Muscular Dystrophy. We raised $555.00. I was so proud of my kids. As you can see from the pictures there is not very many of us but we worked hard. We also wore our wonderful T-shirts that all of you made us. You do such wonderful work! You can all be quite proud of the work you do. I get a lot of complements whenever I wear my T-shirt out. I took a picture of the backs of our Tshirt so you can see your art work, simply a fantastic job! The two babies are also wearing a T-shirt (even though they fit like a dress). I just ordered sweatshirts from you and I am going to give them to my kids for their Christmas gift.

Thank you so much. May God bless you in all that you did.
We send our love and hope you have a blessed holiday season.

Your friends in New Jersey,
TenderBear DayCare



The Applegate Company, Inc.



Dear HSW,

I would like to thank each and every worker that made my T-shirts and magnets. I am truly satisfied. As a matter of fact, they are better than the T-shirts I at a shirt shop here in
Augusta, Georgia and I'm going to buy some more products if you will send me a brochure of other products you make.

I would like to go a little further and say my satisfaction comes from my heart, these are really good products and I commend each and ever one of You. May God Bless you and your business. I hope we can do more business together.

Charlie Johnson,
The Applegate Company, Inc.


Daisy Cleaning Co.

I recently ordered some key chains with our company name on them and previously ordered magnetic business cards. They really look great and my customers love them!

You are all doing such a great job at HSW and I wanted to let you know! You are very important in helping me grow my business which is carpet, window and office cleaning! It is very important for prospective customer to know about me and my business. It is all possible with your advertising material!

Ira D. Sherman, President
Daisy Cleaning Co.


We at NAS feel Privileged to have our advertising produced at the Handicapped Printshop. The shirts, caps and calendars we ordered are an example of the work accomplished by persons who take pride every step of the way. This blend of the most up to date technology and a staff dedicated to excellence cannot be duplicated.


Nurses Registry
Home Health

The Handicapped Sales Printshop is our first choice in printed advertising products. The work is done by men and women with many kinds of disabilities and the products are of the highest quality. My sales rep, Roni is tops! She can always find what I want to fill my needs. And I never have to worry about what the product is going to look like. Her suggestions are excellent and the whole staff is a pleasure to work with. Delivery is quick and hassle-free. It has been an honor and privilege to work with the members of this handicapped community and I consider them friends as well.

Jeanne B. Caldwell
Chief Officer of Operations


Loyal Customer!
Dear Handicapped Sales Printshop:

I am so glad to be able to write to you and tell you how terrific your company is. I am the owner of Duke of Oil, a quick lube facility in western Pennsylvania. We opened in 1988 and I have been buying products from HSW since 1994. I have NEVER been more impressed with a company's quality, speed, efficiency, customer service, personnel and overall goodwill than I am with Handicapped Sales Printshop. Every order I've placed arrives within one to two weeks and is always perfect! I like to give new customers a free gift at the end of their first service to thank them for choosing my business. Every item I've ordered from HSW has been met with genuine appreciation by my customers. Repeat customers have often commented that the ice scrapers we gave them were to best they'd ever used! Our community often has car rallies and parades. I use these to my advantage by passing out Frisbees with our logo on them. I see people playing with them all summer long! There is no better advertising than having happy customers spread the word. HSW has helped my business grow by getting our name out in the community in ways I hadn't thought of before. I want to personally thank Tammy at HSW for being such a great sales rep. and for becoming such a good pal over the years! We've talked about or husbands and kids and I really feel like a part of the HSW family. Thanks Tammy for doing such wonderful work, for giving me new ideas and for always knowing what I need before I do!

God Bless,
Camera Bartolotta
Owner, Duke of Oil


American Crane & Millwright Service, Inc.

Dear Customer Service Department:

We recently received an order of pens from you and we wanted to let you know that we think their wonderful! We received our order in a timely manner and the pens are great. Thank you so much for your service. We truly appreciate any company who can service us in a correct and timely manner.

We would like to place another order for some more pens if you could give us a call or send us an order form, we would truly appreciate it.

Do you have other things like hats, calendars, stationary, etc., if so please let us know.

Again, thank you for the great job on our pens and we look forward to doing more business with you.

 Sincerely yours;
Annette Jarvis (Office Manager)



Frank's Auto Repair

Dear HSW:

First of all, I want to commend you on your Printshop! What a pleasure it is to order from such a worthy establishment. We have only placed two orders in the last 8 months and have been pleased both times.

As I spoke with your sales representative, I explained to her how much I believe in what you are doing. My father was a brilliant man, mechanical engineer worked for American Bakeries putting in bread ovens all over the world. At the tender age of 50, he suffered a massive heart-attack. He was in a coma for 7 days and the doctor told us he would never live past that week and if by chance he should survive he would be a vegetable for the short amount of time he did have. Well, thank the Good Lord, they were wrong! He did suffer brain damage as he had been pronounced dead for 22 minutes. His brain damage was located the motor movements and not his ability to think. Because his speech and movement were affected, no one gave him much thought as being intelligent and treated him like an embasill, or hard of hearing etc. My father had to learn to walk, talk and dress himself all over again when he came out of the coma. He started working at the brain injury clinic at the Veterans Hospital and was able to drive a car. It was important for him to have this job, as he was an extremely proud man, and felt compelled to provide for my mother.

It was hard to watch him reduce to such menial task as putting labels on boxes, or counting telephone cords. But through this experience, I learned a lot from my dad. He was always an encourage, never give in and look up. He never complained, not once. If you asked him how he felt, he would always tell you "Like a million bucks"! My dad survived for 23 years passed what the doctors said he would, by the Grace of God, we were able to have him around until April of last year.

In all those years, he did whatever he could or was given at that little Printshop. He never missed a day other than when we took him on vacation. He never ceased to amaze me with his tenacity. All the other men at the Printshop loved him and said that many times he encouraged them with his never failing attitude. As you can tell, I loved my dad so very much and miss him terribly, in fact it is difficult to even write this letter to you. I just had to tell you what you and your husband are doing for these people. Giving them back their dignity is so important, and I thank you so much for making the way! Keep up the good work.

In some small way, we feel like we are contributing to their cause and I know my dad would appreciate us ordering and help keep your business growing. Your whole staff are a pleasure to deal with. We would want to pass this on to all your workers, hang in there, there are people out here that appreciate you.

San Bruno, CA



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen;

Our company recently re-ordered refrigerator magnets with name and address on them. Your organization has done such a terrific job in the past that we added to the order plastic Rolodex cards.

We cannot express enough how much we appreciate the fine work your organization has done for us. We are very pleased to have such items to give to our current and potential customers in order to promote sales.

Thank you again for all the pride and craftsmanship you put into your work and keep it up. It is hard to find a reputable company that takes pride in their work. You can be assured that we will be recommending your company to our business associates and or friends.


Donna (Secretary)



Candas Cleaning Services

Dear Handicapped Sales Printshop;

We have received our half dozen sweatshirts. They are perfect!

The royal blue color with yellow silk screening of our Candas Cleaning logo is impressive. All our orders to you have been so well done, that I just wanted to thank you for the great job you always do. It is a pleasure to work with you.

Sincerely Yours,

C. Elizabeth Candas (co-owner)
Peace Dale, RI


Schafer-Valouch Contractor, Inc.

It's just like Christmas morning around here - opening a box and being really excited about what's inside! The T-shirts you printed are fabulous!! They are exactly what we wanted!! All the workers are asking "where's mine?". They will just have to wait until we decide how many to hand out to each employee…but, Marilyn and I are already wearing ours!!! (Shhhhhh!)
Thank you for all your work on the design and your persistence in "fighting" with the email. We are very pleased with your attitude and willingness to please the customers picky wishes (like mine).

We look forward to working with you again,

Thank you very, very much.

Leanne Warren
Office Manager
Norman, OK


Susans Dynomite Window Cleaning

Hope this letter finds you all well and hoping for a busy new year. We would like to tell you all that we love our shirts. The flag turned out so nice in the background. Sending a picture of our group wearing the shirt. We posed for this picture right after work Christmas Eve, feeling good to get off work a little early that day. We read the brochures on some of you guys and we think you are so wonderful to continue to work as you do. God Bless all of you and we look forward to working with you next year.

Happy 2002
Montgomery, AL


Getting you where you want to go….and then some.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for the great key tags. Our facility in Houston specializes in mobility. We adapt vehicles of all kinds, sell scooters, lift chairs, stair lifts, rent wheelchair accessible vans, ramps, etc. As soon as the key tags arrived, we started putting them on all of the scooter keys, next they will go with all of the rental van keys (can't do it today because the vans are all out).
I have wanted key tags with my company name and phone number on them for a long time but couldn't afford the ones the large promotion.. companies see because you have to order so many, the cost was prohibitive. So, I was thrilled when the call came with the offer to but a small amount. I am sure I will be ordering more soon because I will want to offer them to all my customers.

Thanks for a great product.

Sue Terry
Houston, TX

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