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Judy works in our Transfer Department preparing transfer sheets and heat pressing them on tee shirts and other items.



"It is like a family work place. I enjoy coming to work. The owner is a very nice person to work with."


Theo has been working at T.D.A.H for almost four years. He is in charge of the final checking of products before they go out the door. He is very helpful to all his coworkers and is a pleasure to be around. His disability was the result of being hit by a car while riding his bike. He is an extremely optimistic person and makes working a pleasure.




Sidney has been with HSW for over 20 years and is one of our lovely receptionists who answer inbound calls. Sidney also does our data entry.




Prepares products for printing and shipping.


Jay Grayson

"It means a whole lot to me (even though we all tease each other once in a while). It's like having another family because we all have a lot of fun. As long as I stay here and have a job I can go to so I can keep busy and pay my bills and have fun at the same time!"


Jay is a great guy who has worked with T.D.A.H. for about three years. He loves to come to work! He has various duties that he does with great pride and has the wonderful support of very loving parents. His disability happened when he was in high school. Please read the letter his parents wrote to T.D.A.H.

  A Letter From Jay's Father...

"...I would like to thank you for the amazing difference that T.D.A.H has made in our son's life. Jay has a new vigor and happiness since he has begun working at your facility. He now looks forward to getting up in the morning and going to work. His daily routine of going to work and producing an income for himself has dramatically increased his self worth. He now understands that he must work to pay his expenses in life and is so proud when he can pay each of his monthly bills.
After having visited the facility and viewing the caring and love that you give each of these special individuals, I come away with the realization that not only do you run a business, but you have become a family to each one of the employees. Jay has suffered with much physical pain and very difficult adjustments to his life. He has always fallen just above the cut-off for government support due to his border line IQ range. His difficulty in walking and moving around has made it difficult to find employment. We appreciate your support in developing a job that enables him to produce product for your customers, produce a profit for T.D.A.H., and earn an income that helps support himself and most of all- give him a purpose in life. What you are doing for all your employees is truly a service to our community. I hope you keep growing and doing such great things for all involved."

Bill Grayson



"T.D.A.H. has a dynamic administration and provides great opportunities and harvests a great work atmosphere with a laid-back work force. It also helps to pay the bills! May God bless T.D.A.H. and the workforce!"


Tyrone has been employed with T.D.A.H for over twelve years. His disability is the result of a vicious attack that left him a paraplegic. He is a terrific pen printer, a skill learned during his employment at T.D.A.H. He is considered a very valuable asset to the company. He was unable to secure work for three years prior to his employment here.




Gene currently does quality control. He makes sure that the quality of your products meet our highest standards. Gene has been with HSW for over 15 years.





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